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For Employers


Unikadr has been active in Western Pomerania since it was founded 1996 as one of the first Human Resources (HR) consulting company in the region. All those years of operation brought us not only the great deal of experience but also cooperation with key customers who have been fully satisfied with our service.

YOU can be the next satisfied customer , please join us!

Effectiveness for us means high specialization in the fields related to wide spectrum of personnel consultancy and management.

UNIKADR is convinced that we can become your key consultant.

UNIKADR have all our knowledge and energy for you.

YOU can relay on our competences in:

  • recruitment and selection of personnel

  • training courses

  • management consultancy

  • planning of your future personnel needs

  • cost control

In these areas you can expect high level of expertise and effectiveness from our personnel..

Our motto is:

'People - the key to YOUR success'.

We believe that you think the same.

UNIKADR would like forewarn you and prepare for the way we work.

UNIKADR will be:

  • active,

  • receptive to your needs

  • creative, and

  • inquisitive.

UNIKADR is there and ready to execute good and direct contacts using effective communication, professional and friendly atmosphere during the projects.

The value that we commonly share leads us to build good relations with our Customers, Suppliers and our Candidates.

UNIKADR has energy to energize others. www szczecin